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         Franklin Sherman, and Chesterbrook Elementary Schools              

                                  Register Now for Winter Break Camp!
                                                  Details Below!

 Monday, Nov. 7th: Teacher Work Day
Scavenger Hunt on the national mall! - This is a professional hunt provided by "Stray Boots". 
       This will be a memorable experience learning about our nation's capital in teams while racing to solve clues together, for a full day of                                                         fun and exploration.

 Tuesday, Nov. 8th: Teacher Work Day
Cox Farm Fall Festival - We will celebrate fall at Cox Farm and enjoy, big slides, hayrides, pumpkin picking, a petting zoo, live entertainment a corn maze, and more! A wonderful time not to be missed!  

       Teacher Work Day Registration Instructions:
  -  Families that are not registered with the It's Elementary! Before & After School Program will need to submit the Teacher Work Day form and the Contact Information form shown below. Please fill out both forms and provide payment in full for the days you would like to register your child for. If your child has allergies that require the use of a rescue inhaler and/or an Epi Pen, you will also need to submit the "Medication Authorization" form as well as the non expired medication in its original box, with the prescribing information on the box.

 - Families that are registered with our before & after school program part time, please fill out the form in the front room and provide payment.

  - Families registered full time with our before & after school program, no payment is due, please sign the teacher work day sign up sheet in the front room to indicate if your child will or will not attend the teacher work days.

    December: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23  and  26, 27, 28, 29, 30
           Camp Hours: 7:45 a.m. through 6:30 p.m.
      Rates are listed on the Winter Break Registration Form

           Winter Break Camp Plans!

 Monday, December 19th:  Ice Skating

 Tuesday, December 20th: Gingerbread Houses & Hot Chocolate

 Wednesday, December 21st: Laser Tag

 Thursday, December 22nd: Pajama Day & Fleece Pillows

 Friday, December 23rd: CiCi's Pizza

 Monday, December 26th: Bowling

 Tuesday, December 27th: Minute to Win It

 Wednesday, December 28th: Winter Walk & Scavenger Hunt

 Thursday, December 29th: Making Movie Snow & Snow Globes

 Friday, December 30th: Movies

  Please provide payment for winter break camp in full along with the
  paper work below to complete the registration process. 

  All Families, please provide the "Winter Break" Form with your 

  Families not Registered with our Before & After School Program
  please also provide the "Contact Information" form.

  IMPORTANT: For Families with a child that has been prescribed an Epi Pen and/or an inhaler for medical emergencies please provide the "Medication Authorization" form. This will need to be signed by a physician and a parent. We will also need the medication in its original box with the printed prescription information on the box. Please check the expiration date as we cannot accept expired medications. Due to Virginia state licensing regulations, we cannot allow a child to attend the program/camp without all of the items listed above ( unexpired medication, box with prescription info printed on it, and the form below signed by a parent and physician). Thank you for your understanding of this important matter.

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